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Repairs and "Uninhabitable" Conditions

Living under Third World conditions? Landlord won't get to it?  Stop being a patient fool! The law gives you authority to take action. Return to America.


The Eviction Process

The landlord is threatening to throw you out, and maybe to have you arrested, ruin your credit and throw your property in the dump.  Bullfeathers!  Here's how it works, and what you do, so that you can win in real terms. You can!

Temporary Leave?

The landlord says you have to be out "for a while" during construction or termite fumigation, or has already started work while you're living there.  Can they do that? How do you handle that?


It's the sign of the times. Record levels of foreclosures in California put the former homeowners and the tenants of former landlords into the eviction process. What can you do?

Rent Control

Find out if your city has rent control or eviction protection, and whether it applies to you. Not every city has it!


Breaking Your Lease - Moving Out Early  

Sometimes you just want to go, but doing it right makes all the difference how you come out of it.  Here's how.


Mobilehome Law

The Mobilehome Residency Law provides special protections for mobilehome owners and now, even trailer park residents! 

House for Sale

The landlord puts the place up for sale, even if he assured you that he wouldn't do it. Then he wants you to move out at his convenience, with lots of demands. Here's how to handle this and profit.

Landlord Intrusions

The landlord says it his property, and he has the right to enter any time he wants, and send in whoever he wants, and you'd better not make trouble.
The law says otherwise. See what you can do!

Credit Blacklisting

One of the worst parts of landlord-tenant law is the landlord's ability to hurt your credit by filing  an eviction case. Learn what it is, and how you can avoid it, or work around it.

Late Fees

Landlords have been stealing late fees for so long that they think that they're entitled to them. Learn the law about this and how that whole scheme backfires on the landlord when they least expect it.


Security Deposit

Landlords steal security deposits upon false claims of damage. New laws give you extra rights to recover up to triple! Yes, triple.   

General Residential Tenant Rights

Landlord-Tenant law in plain language. How to deal with defects the landlord refuses to correct, get your security deposit back 

General Business Tenant Rights

For commercial tenants, the law is one-sided, against you. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls, so you can relax and get back to your own business. 

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