Musical comedy audioplay

95 min.

by Ken Carlson, Attorney at Law

  New lawyer Mike Keen wants to do a lawyer. But the machine to fix society is itself the most broken. He tries an eviction mill, major corporate  powerhouse, district attorney's office, and an anything-for-a-buck firm. Each disappoints him further, while he tries to save face with Angela, his girlfriend.


This audioplay is a  lampoon of the legal system, written from 35 years' experience. It will open your eyes, and confirm your suspicions. You will laugh, cry, and learn. The songs will stick in your head.


Featuring the voice talents of
Mick Linch, Barbara Rayliss, Keith McCabe, Rhonda Legate, Chic Fojtik, Betty Anderson, Lee Miracle, Mairiam Rees-Davies, Larry Kawano, Tricia Pilkington, Andrea Bond, Zack Steinhouse, and Ken Carlson

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
God help you.

Song Samples

Dignity & Piety Play
I'll Find Out Play
We're Making People Homeless
   for Christmas
Don't Tell Me About the Law Play
Courtroom Tango Play
For the People Play
Pay Dirt Play
How Can You Sleep at Night? Play
17th Floor Play
Ethical Segue Play

Sample Scene

    Mike's first job is at an eviction mill, the law firm of Quick & Doherty. They are having their Office Christmas Party, Mike's first encounter.

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Recorded live at MTG Studios by Mike Gustin and Keith McCabe, in beautiful Idyllwild, California.

Written, composed, produced, and directed by Ken Carlson. Music arranged by Ken Carlson, choir by Barbara Rayliss.  

Copyright 1995-2016 by Ken Carlson  All rights reserved  
WGA registered

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