Cities with Rent Control


Rent Control   [Other than Mobilehome Parks] Other Measures short of Rent Control
Berkeley  Campbell  [starting Ch 6.09 mediation only]
Beverly Hills Fremont [mediation only]
East Palo Alto Gardena [mediation only]
Hayward Glendale [just cause eviction, only]
Los Angeles  San Diego [98.0730 just cause eviction, only]
Los Gatos   San Leandro [non-binding review & mediation only]
Oakland Thousand Oaks [only pre-1988 tenancies]
Palm Springs
San Francisco
San Jose  [note:separate one for mobilehomes]
Santa Monica  
West Hollywood
Mobilehome Park rent controls  [complete list without links]
Calistoga Pleasanton [starting 6.60.010]
Concord Redlands [starting 5.48.010]
Cotati  Rohnert Park  [9.70.010] & Regulations
Escondido Santa Cruz County [unincorporated area only]
Fontana [Chapter 14, sec 14-56] San Jose  [Title 17]
Grover Beach [starting Sec.3996.10] San Juan Capistrano   [Tile 2, Chapter 2, 2-2.901, etc]
Malibu  [2.28.010] and Regulations Santa Rosa
Milpitas [Title III, Chapter 30] Sonoma County
Morgan Hill [Title 5, Chapter 5.36] Thousand Oaks [Title 5 Chapter 25]
Novato [Chapter XX start Sec 20-1] Union City [starting 16.04]
Windsor [Title VIII, starting 8-1-200]]
{see also the CMRAA and GSMOL sites) Yucaipa



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